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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Five No Diet

Disclaimer: Before you read this blog you need to know that I do not recommend any of the things I tried without the consult of your doctor.

So now that my doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, the first thing
he wanted me to try was an "elimination" diet. He wanted me to determine if there were any certain foods that triggered more inflammation over others. This diet consisted of cutting out 5 different kinds of foods for four weeks and then introducing one at a time back, to see if I had an increase in inflammation. Here we go...human guinea pig- haha

The five things I was to cut out of my daily diet were:
1. corn
2. soy
3. gluten
4. Dairy
5. eggs

Oh boy - this was a challenge! But, I wanted to feel better so I did this and did not cheat at all! Read labels, ate basic meat and potatoes at restaurants, and even eliminated all derivitives like corn syrup for example.

For me these are my results, but everyone is different of course, so you will need to come to your own conclusions under doctor's care.
1. corn - seemed to have no effect
2. soy - made me more tired - crashing during the day, falling asleep sitting up, etc.
3. gluten - within 30 minutes of eating, brought on severe leg aching pain
4. dairy - no effect
5. eggs - same effect as gluten

Summary: After experiencing the results of this diet, I have cut gluten, soy, and eggs out of my diet for the most part. This has reduced my inflammation somewhat, which has helped eliminate some of the pain.

But, being still at a high threshold of pain, I continued taking over the counter pain medication, and supplements.

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purplecat said...

good for you doing something positive! I suffer with IBS and I know I really should cut things out my diet, I already know certain foods affect me.