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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cat on a Wet Roof

Here I am again - 3 years later! Funny true story about my 2 cats I wanted to share today. Hope you get a smile from it! Funny thing happened this morning. When I got up this morning and turned on our bathroom light, Mitzy, our beloved gray cat, of course was coming in there with me like she usually does, but she got this weird wild eyed look in her eyes and she was looking up at the bathroom windows. I was afraid to look up there to see what the heck she was looking at, but when I did, there was TAZ, out crazy wild cat, on the roof looking in the window from the outside!! Man, he must have been out there a long time, because his feet were all wet. The way he got out was he squished himself out our bedroom screen door. Mitzy is much bigger and couldn’t follow, thank goodness! My husband and I heard some kind of commotion during the early morning hours but he just yelled at them to be quiet. And they did settle down! Lol- Little did we know that one escaped!! My husband had to take the screen off the bathroom window and drag Taz in through there. I couldn’t stop laughing at the look on that cat’s face!! It was like, hey, aren’t you going to let me come in?! Then when he gets back in, he flops down on the floor and sprawls all out like he was exhausted! Haha – He probably will sleep all day! Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for looking

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New lease on pain free life!

Wow! Cannot believe I have not posted here in 3 years! So much to tell! I have stopped taking Serrapeptase since it stopped helping me. Not sure why? It has been a daily struggle with fibromyalgia. With the stress of having my job outsourced to India, daily flare ups of pain were the norm. Desperate to find a natural solution, I tried a new supplement called Nourish. Wholefood Drink Mix – A perfect blend of fruits & vegetables. To read more and to order your own right now with this coupon for $2.17 a day. For those of you who know me, you know I would not recommend this product if I did not believe in it! I have been taking this supplement by putting in my daily smoothie for 15 days and I feel so good! I noticed the pain relief on day 3! The taste reminds me of green tea. When I started this program 2 weeks ago I decided it was time to get serious about losing weight too. So I also bought the Innutra Launch Kit. The one product you get in the kit is the Sculpting Protein. I combine the Nourish right in with the Sculpting Protein - cup of almond milk and half a banana for a very satisfying, yummy smoothie. I have lost 5.6 lbs so far and pretty much pain free. It is the little things that make me smile.. I can cross my legs again - I can walk around the grocery store without stabbing pains in legs, I can sleep on my side and wake up when my alarm goes off, not when my hip is in searing pain. I am so glad that a friend of the family steered me to try out this product. I am not looking back and only looking forward to a new pain free life.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making a connection

So after months of following my gluten free diet plan, my pain was still too bad to not be on pain medication every day. I kept getting worse actually - my pain was bordering on what I call "torture" pain. And I was totally in a brain "fog" with chronic fatigue.

Well, I really got scared when I kept falling asleep at the wheel - and the last time was beginning of June - it was bad - nodded right off and only by the grace of God did I wake up enough to know that I was heading into the ditch on I-75! Okay - now this is not normal! Then something my sister said triggered an idea in my head - she said maybe I was allergic to Silicon Dioxide - huh? Well, I looked it up and Silicon Dioxide or Silica - or sand - is totally non-toxic and used in many supplements, pain medications, toothpastes, cat litter etc.
So what is the problem? The problem is getting a build up of it in your system over the years or breathing it in - now we have a problem.

Here are the signs that you are at toxic levels of Silica in your body - same symptoms as Gulf War Syndrome!! Wow~~
One of the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome is Fibromyalgia! whoa
Symptoms of Gulf War syndrome

The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Gulf War syndrome includes the 10 symptoms listed below:

Post-traumatic stress disorder
Chronic fatigue
Cognitive dysfunction
Alcohol abuse
Anxiety disorder
Sexual discomfort
more information...»
Symptoms of Silica Toxicity? Just to name a few- there are many more ~s
fatigue, usually made worse by exercise
cognitive function problems, such as attention deficit disorder,
calculation difficulties, memory disturbance, spatial disorientation,
frequently saying the wrong word
psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, personality
changes, mood swings
sleep disturbance and non-restorative sleep
headaches of a greater intensity than before implantation
changes in vision
loss of balance
numbness and tingling
light headiness
joint and muscle aches and pains
shortness of breath
weight gain
abnormal heart rhythm
hair loss
low back pain
severe muscular weakness
intolerance of bright lights
ringing in ears
recurrent flu-like illnesses
irritable bowel syndrome
chest pain

Well, now this research was getting interesting - and I started looking at all the supplements, cat litter, toothpaste, pain medication, etc. that I was using or inhaling every day- and guess what? EVERYTHING HAD A FORM OF SILICA IN IT!!

I started making changes right away - July 8th - stopped taking all supplements with Silicon Dioxide, changed toothpaste brands (have used the same one for my whole life and had to go online to check ingredients), started using a face mask when cleaning cat litter box (need to find brand without silica in it), and started researching how to get rid of the silica that has built up in my be continued

Next Blog: On the road to recovery!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Five No Diet

Disclaimer: Before you read this blog you need to know that I do not recommend any of the things I tried without the consult of your doctor.

So now that my doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, the first thing
he wanted me to try was an "elimination" diet. He wanted me to determine if there were any certain foods that triggered more inflammation over others. This diet consisted of cutting out 5 different kinds of foods for four weeks and then introducing one at a time back, to see if I had an increase in inflammation. Here we go...human guinea pig- haha

The five things I was to cut out of my daily diet were:
1. corn
2. soy
3. gluten
4. Dairy
5. eggs

Oh boy - this was a challenge! But, I wanted to feel better so I did this and did not cheat at all! Read labels, ate basic meat and potatoes at restaurants, and even eliminated all derivitives like corn syrup for example.

For me these are my results, but everyone is different of course, so you will need to come to your own conclusions under doctor's care.
1. corn - seemed to have no effect
2. soy - made me more tired - crashing during the day, falling asleep sitting up, etc.
3. gluten - within 30 minutes of eating, brought on severe leg aching pain
4. dairy - no effect
5. eggs - same effect as gluten

Summary: After experiencing the results of this diet, I have cut gluten, soy, and eggs out of my diet for the most part. This has reduced my inflammation somewhat, which has helped eliminate some of the pain.

But, being still at a high threshold of pain, I continued taking over the counter pain medication, and supplements.

Next blog: Making the connection

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Story Continued - the Diagnosis

Part 2:
So, finally my pain had a name. Wow- that only took 20 years and 10 doctors!
No wonder "depression" goes hand in hand with Fibromyalgia!

Now, here are some reasons why it takes so long to get diagnosed:
1. There are no easy blood or urine tests that can diagnose it.
2. Nothing will show up on x-rays or cat scans
3. The pain in early stages comes and goes so you don't at first recognize it

It is only diagnosed after everything else is ruled out!! Now, isn't that something?
I would REALLY get depressed and/or mad if I went back and tallied up all the dollars that went toward medical bills paid by myself and my insurance company for all the tests and surgeries. Insurance did not pay for all the alternative medicine that I tried. I was not a fan of pain pills - I did not want to mask the pain, I wanted to rid my body of if. And, yes, I had 3 surgeries - which probably could have been avoided! But more about that later.

to be cont. = new diet

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 8th
Might very well be the day that changed my life.

A little history first
I have been suffering for years with Fibromyalgia, but did not even know it.
I am talking like 20 years here -
So much pain - from nowhere - hitting everywhere - moving - changing
Good days
Bad days
But even a good day came with pain, but you get so "use" to having pain, that when it reduces for some reason it is so much more tolerable.
I live for those good days...

Went to doctors- many of them - all kinds - chiropractors, neurologists, M.D.'s, D.O.'s and pretty much they all thought I had a "slipped disc" - many tests - xrays - drugs - and therapy - but to no avail. Nothing helped and nothing was showing up. and in fact physical therapy was so painful it made me cry - well I don't cry easily - so you know it hurt like heck...

As each year went by the pain got worse. Started in my back (hence why the doctors thought I had a slipped disc), then moved to my hips, legs, feet, rib cage, shoulder, neck. Then 2 years ago I went to new D.O. only because he came highly recommended by a friend of my husband's. This doc was able to relieve some of the pain with "hand's on" healing, where he could move energy from one part of my body to another and out, without even touching me. I know that probably sounds really crazy, and as I was laying there having it done to me, I was thinking: THIS IS REALLY CRAZY! But, I swear, it helped. But the effects did not last. It was only a temporary fix. And the sessions were pricey. So, of course I stopped going.

Tried another D.O. about a year later when I could not stand the pain again. This D.O. is the one that got me in physical therapy that was like torture! At this time I wanted to have SOME relief, even for a short time so I returned to the 'hands on healing' doc one more time. A year had passed since I saw him last. Well this time, he could see that I was worse and he was the one that made the Fibromyalgia diagnosis.

to be cont.