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Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 8th
Might very well be the day that changed my life.

A little history first
I have been suffering for years with Fibromyalgia, but did not even know it.
I am talking like 20 years here -
So much pain - from nowhere - hitting everywhere - moving - changing
Good days
Bad days
But even a good day came with pain, but you get so "use" to having pain, that when it reduces for some reason it is so much more tolerable.
I live for those good days...

Went to doctors- many of them - all kinds - chiropractors, neurologists, M.D.'s, D.O.'s and pretty much they all thought I had a "slipped disc" - many tests - xrays - drugs - and therapy - but to no avail. Nothing helped and nothing was showing up. and in fact physical therapy was so painful it made me cry - well I don't cry easily - so you know it hurt like heck...

As each year went by the pain got worse. Started in my back (hence why the doctors thought I had a slipped disc), then moved to my hips, legs, feet, rib cage, shoulder, neck. Then 2 years ago I went to new D.O. only because he came highly recommended by a friend of my husband's. This doc was able to relieve some of the pain with "hand's on" healing, where he could move energy from one part of my body to another and out, without even touching me. I know that probably sounds really crazy, and as I was laying there having it done to me, I was thinking: THIS IS REALLY CRAZY! But, I swear, it helped. But the effects did not last. It was only a temporary fix. And the sessions were pricey. So, of course I stopped going.

Tried another D.O. about a year later when I could not stand the pain again. This D.O. is the one that got me in physical therapy that was like torture! At this time I wanted to have SOME relief, even for a short time so I returned to the 'hands on healing' doc one more time. A year had passed since I saw him last. Well this time, he could see that I was worse and he was the one that made the Fibromyalgia diagnosis.

to be cont.


Lou said...

wow....I don't know much about fibromyalgia but I do know it can be very painful. Hope you get some relief and learn the best ways to manage the pain. Just knowing what your dealing with is probably a relief!

tm_inet said...

You can't leave us hanging after telling us you had a day that changed your life! Can't wait for the rest!

Donna (

H20works said...

Awe, man, I am sorry for what you are going through. I have a good friend who has Fibromyalgia, she has suffered for years too.

(((HUGS, my friend)))

Love, Kat

TheHappySoul said...


Firbo is such a horrible disease! So many people have to suffer for years before they find a doctor who actually acknowledges that fibro even exists. I've known many people who have suffered because of it, but I'm THRILLED that you finally got your diagnosis! Can't wait to hear how that changed your life. :)


Anonymous said...

oh no (((hugs))) at least you have a diagnosis now that they can start treating it with the right meds.... I have a pretty bad back injury but i'm on some of the same meds fibro patients take. I would reccomend Lyrica it works wonders for me. no more leg numbness and pain. I hope you feel better soon.

araleling said...

I don't know about that.. But I hope you get well soon ok =)

missknits said...

(((hugs))) as someone who deals with chronic pain too, i hear ya! its not easy... and i cant wait to read the rest as it sounds like you found some relief!!