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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cat on a Wet Roof

Here I am again - 3 years later! Funny true story about my 2 cats I wanted to share today. Hope you get a smile from it! Funny thing happened this morning. When I got up this morning and turned on our bathroom light, Mitzy, our beloved gray cat, of course was coming in there with me like she usually does, but she got this weird wild eyed look in her eyes and she was looking up at the bathroom windows. I was afraid to look up there to see what the heck she was looking at, but when I did, there was TAZ, out crazy wild cat, on the roof looking in the window from the outside!! Man, he must have been out there a long time, because his feet were all wet. The way he got out was he squished himself out our bedroom screen door. Mitzy is much bigger and couldn’t follow, thank goodness! My husband and I heard some kind of commotion during the early morning hours but he just yelled at them to be quiet. And they did settle down! Lol- Little did we know that one escaped!! My husband had to take the screen off the bathroom window and drag Taz in through there. I couldn’t stop laughing at the look on that cat’s face!! It was like, hey, aren’t you going to let me come in?! Then when he gets back in, he flops down on the floor and sprawls all out like he was exhausted! Haha – He probably will sleep all day! Hope you all have a great day! Thanks for looking

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creativeseconds said...

Too funny! glad to hear a happy ending too ~ great to "see" you again! -an old paradise Etsy friend -Karen