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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Making a connection

So after months of following my gluten free diet plan, my pain was still too bad to not be on pain medication every day. I kept getting worse actually - my pain was bordering on what I call "torture" pain. And I was totally in a brain "fog" with chronic fatigue.

Well, I really got scared when I kept falling asleep at the wheel - and the last time was beginning of June - it was bad - nodded right off and only by the grace of God did I wake up enough to know that I was heading into the ditch on I-75! Okay - now this is not normal! Then something my sister said triggered an idea in my head - she said maybe I was allergic to Silicon Dioxide - huh? Well, I looked it up and Silicon Dioxide or Silica - or sand - is totally non-toxic and used in many supplements, pain medications, toothpastes, cat litter etc.
So what is the problem? The problem is getting a build up of it in your system over the years or breathing it in - now we have a problem.

Here are the signs that you are at toxic levels of Silica in your body - same symptoms as Gulf War Syndrome!! Wow~~
One of the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome is Fibromyalgia! whoa
Symptoms of Gulf War syndrome

The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Gulf War syndrome includes the 10 symptoms listed below:

Post-traumatic stress disorder
Chronic fatigue
Cognitive dysfunction
Alcohol abuse
Anxiety disorder
Sexual discomfort
more information...»
Symptoms of Silica Toxicity? Just to name a few- there are many more ~s
fatigue, usually made worse by exercise
cognitive function problems, such as attention deficit disorder,
calculation difficulties, memory disturbance, spatial disorientation,
frequently saying the wrong word
psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, personality
changes, mood swings
sleep disturbance and non-restorative sleep
headaches of a greater intensity than before implantation
changes in vision
loss of balance
numbness and tingling
light headiness
joint and muscle aches and pains
shortness of breath
weight gain
abnormal heart rhythm
hair loss
low back pain
severe muscular weakness
intolerance of bright lights
ringing in ears
recurrent flu-like illnesses
irritable bowel syndrome
chest pain

Well, now this research was getting interesting - and I started looking at all the supplements, cat litter, toothpaste, pain medication, etc. that I was using or inhaling every day- and guess what? EVERYTHING HAD A FORM OF SILICA IN IT!!

I started making changes right away - July 8th - stopped taking all supplements with Silicon Dioxide, changed toothpaste brands (have used the same one for my whole life and had to go online to check ingredients), started using a face mask when cleaning cat litter box (need to find brand without silica in it), and started researching how to get rid of the silica that has built up in my be continued

Next Blog: On the road to recovery!


Anonymous said...

Sharon, it sounds so awful what you have been going through, but at last you have something to work with that you can now make the necessary changes towards healing. Silca? Who'd have thought of that, and yet, too much of anything is not good for us. Praises to your sis for picking up on that.
Hugs ~ Paula (Ux)

H20works said...

I see Paula's's working.

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